VCTC – Education & Outreach Campaign

With traffic congestion on the rise and the cities and County struggling to keep up with basic road maintenance, educating the public about the region’s looming transportation funding crisis was a critical part of VCTC’s 2016 Fiscal Year outreach efforts.

Celtis worked with VCTC to create a plan to address and educate the public on the critical issues of aging infrastructure and growing demand. Research showed support for addressing Ventura County’s transportation infrastructure was on the rise and that – the more residents knew about the issues – the greater their support would be.

With a straight-forward message of “Repair, Preserve and Improve,” Celtis helped VCTC launch a comprehensive education program including outreach, digital communications, social media, community newspaper, local radio and direct mail. Each element informed interested constituents that “the future of Ventura County is in your Hands” and guided them to the new website ( to review and comment on VCTC’s proposed Transportation Improvement Plan.

The education effort was both strategic and efficient. It conveyed targeted messaging to a large population in both traditional and digital formats. And all materials were designed to build on VCTC’s most visible brand asset – its sky-blue bus fleet.

The effort was demonstrably successful – interest in the issue grew to 79% and support for the potential tax measure jumped to 69% – two points above the required 2/3 threshold – in just three months.

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