VCTC – Rideweek 2017

WHAT: An all-digital Rideweek* campaign to generate public engagement and alternative transportation pledges
WHO: Ventura County Transportation Commission (VCTC)
WHY: VCTC’s Rideshare department needed to drive participation and increase engagement for their big promotional week their biggest week of the year
HOW: Introduced a click-generating digital campaign with a clear call-to-action, “Pledge to Ride”; designed visually captivating digital images and collateral that paired up with an easy-to-navigate site
WOW FACTOR: The campaign raked in a total of 533 pledges, engaged 89 companies, and resulted in over 130K impressions in Ventura County

*National initiative to encourage alternative modes of transportation

ClientVentura County Transportation CommissionServicesDesign, Marketing, Campaign Development, Web