VCTC’s Comprehensive Website Design & Build

WHO:Ventura County Transportation CommissionWHAT:UX/UI development; design ; implementationWHY:The VCTC website was due for an update both visually and organizationally. It was text heavy and lacked a responsive, mobile friendly design. The most popular part of the site, the transit information section, was buried in the site’s interior pages. The site needed to be brought up to current standards of design and functionality along with being re-crafted to emphasize the information the users need and want.HOW:Celtis took its prior two years of experience working with VCTC to tailor the new websites with features that allowed for a more user-friendly experience. The site is seamlessly integrated with VCTC’s social media, email and other digital marketing tools.WOW FACTOR:A clean, modern design, mobile-responsive user interface with stunning local images.ClientVentura County Transportation CommissionServicesWeb design, development, & digital integration