About Us

Our Mission

Celtis Ventures can help you: assess your communications and public brand; build support and position for success; create customers and increase revenue; introduce major projects; win elections; improve customer services; improve productivity; develop programs and services; implement new technology; increase customer satisfaction or improve your image. Celtis provides a full range of services and is designed to adjust to a client’s specific needs. Matt Raymond’s extensive experience brings with access to top talent from around the country and will pull together the perfect team to meet your needs.
Our mission is a set of guidelines with a focus on client benefit and satisfaction. Each element is as important as the next: We want to help you look good and feel good; for you to be successful and your employees to be proud of where they work; for the public to love and support you and for your customers to tell their friends how truly great you are; for every project to be anticipated and every accomplishment recognized; for operations to run smoothly from beginning to end.
We want to work with you to provide support, guidance or shelter from a storm.
We believe in you and want you to win. We want you to enjoy the respect you deserve.


Graphic Design, Writing Services, Video Production, Corporate Identity


Website Design, SEO Management, Social Media Profiles, UX Design


Design, Advertising, Buying, Strategic Analysis


E-Marketing, Social Media, Print Ads, Radio


Video Production, Print, Broadcast, Direct Mail


Community Outreach, Copywriting, Crisis Communications, Elections


Service Introductions, Election Campaigns, Business Mitigation


Customer Generation, Positioning Studies, Revenue Contract Management


"Have a plan. I always encourage people to have a plan. Yes, I had a plan – and it’s taken me on a pretty wild ride."

Matt Raymond

— Founder, CEO & Master of the Mind

As President and CEO of Celtis Ventures, Inc., Matt Raymond brings more than 25 years of executive level communications management experience. As Metro’s Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Matt oversaw a comprehensive communications program, a staff of nearly 300 and a budget in excess of $75 million.

In addition to several major capital project introductions, Matt elevated the brand recognition and positive perception of Metro to record levels and boardings, customer satisfaction, revenues and nearly every other leading indicator to all-time highs.

Matt initiated and led the agency’s efforts to place a sales tax increase measure on LA County’s election ballot in 2008. The measure passed by the required two-thirds majority, providing Metro with a 30-year, $40 billion fund solely earmarked for transportation improvement projects.

Prior to joining Metro, Matt headed the marketing and advertising efforts for Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) and Denver, Colorado’s Regional Transportation District (RTD).

Matt holds a Masters Degree in marketing and a Masters Degree in public administration from the University of Colorado at Denver. He is also a lecturer and teaches at the The Mineta.

Team Members

Celtis Ventures employs a team of strategic designers with extensive backgrounds in creative development, project management and marketing. Together the strong team dynamic blends a unique design approach with an enthusiasm for quick and efficient production.