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¡Buenas con VCTC! Campaign Puts Spanish First

Ventura County Transportation Commission

¡Buenas con VCTC!  campaign poster on sign near street


Celtis recognized the untapped potential of Ventura County’s significant Spanish-speaking community. The goal was to engage this demographic more effectively, acknowledging the language and cultural barriers that might hinder public transit usage.


Leveraging the cultural icon of “Lotería,” akin to bingo and beloved in Mexican culture, Celtis executed the ¡Buenas con VCTC! campaign. This strategic pivot used a mix of digital, outdoor, and traditional media, including Spanish-language radio, influencers, Spotify ads, and newspaper placements, ensuring wide and culturally resonant outreach.


The campaign significantly elevated public transit’s appeal within the Latino community, driving increased ridership and engagement. It stood out for its cultural sensitivity and creativity, marking a breakthrough in how transit campaigns could connect on a deeply personal level, fostering pride and inclusivity among Spanish speakers.

VCTC Loteria social ad and video on phone
VCTC loteria students card
¡Buenas con VCTC! Campaign post
VCTC Loteria bus pass
Buenas con VCTC newspaper ad

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