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Spanish First Campaign


Omnitrans Spanish First bus stop ad


Recognizing the potential to grow its ridership through targeted outreach, Omnitrans partnered with Celtis to launch a campaign aimed specifically at the Hispanic community. This initiative sought to bridge cultural gaps and foster a stronger connection with public transit.


Celtis crafted a bespoke campaign that resonated deeply with Hispanic cultural values. Through the production of culturally relevant videos, stories, and commercials that highlighted community events, celebrations, and family gatherings, alongside strategic placements of signs and banners, the campaign aimed to increase visibility and awareness within the Hispanic community.


The culturally tailored approach yielded significant results. Omnitrans experienced an uptick in ridership, demonstrating the effectiveness of the campaign. Moreover, there was a notable increase in engagement on Omnitrans’ social media platforms and its website, underlining the success of the initiative in creating a stronger online community connection. This effort showcases the impact of targeted, culturally-inclusive marketing strategies in enhancing public transit engagement.

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